Are you having troubles or challenges with you current SMS provider? it could be poor support, long waiting time for SMS delivery, limited SMS platform features we have addressed some of the challenges that you might be facing on our article Why 1TO1MOBILE should be you SMS Marketing tool.

Having been frustrated to a point that you feel you can’t handle it anymore you are welcome to join our feature rich and robust customer messaging platform. Making a platform switch can be scary especially if you are not conversant with the new platform. At 1TO1MOBILE we believe migrating your SMS/Personalized messaging program should be simple and painless in many circumstances.

This article will walk you through the process, answer frequently asked questions, and recommend best practices for accelerating post-migration growth.
When migrating to 1TO1MOBILE, you’ll have dedicated teams to support you along the way, including:
Messaging Operations Team to work directly with the carriers for a seamless transfer experience
Account Executive and Client Strategy Manager to support on-boarding and ongoing strategic planning

To migrate and start sending your messages from your 1TOT1MOBILE account you need to have these items in place:
1. Have all contacts/leads in an excel sheet or a csv.
2. Your company registration certificate for a limited company and business name registration certificate for a sole proprietor.
3. A duly filled sender name request form. Download one here.

Incase your sender name will change we will advice you to send a message to all your subscribers from the old platform and notify them that you are switching to different sender name.

How to retain you subscribers and even add more subscribers.

If by chance your sender name changes then definitely you will loose between 2-3% percent of your subscribers. If the mobile network providers agrees to retain your sender name after switching to 1TO1MOBILE then chances are you won’t loose any subscribers because of the migration.
After your migration is complete, you and your Client Strategist can focus on engagement strategies that will help you retain subscribers over the long term.

We have a quick guide on how to provide value to subscribers via SMS.