Text Messaging to Increase ROI

Mobile phone penetration in Kenya is above the 95% mark of the adult population. Since covid
struck in 2020 the number of people doing online shopping has gone up. In 2021 alone the
number of online sales was approximately 12.2 billion Kshs. Safaricom, the mobile carrier with
the highest number of subscribers in Kenya, crossed the 30 million subscribers mark. As a
business how can you tap into a fraction of these subscribers?
We have compiled a few points to help you market your product/ service to your customers
using the 1TO1MOBILE. The essence is to create a loyal customer base and acquire new
customers to drive sales. The future of business relies on data and personalized
communication. How much do you know about your customer? Do you know their name? Do
you know their contact details? How frequently do they come to your business or enquire about
your product and so on.

Build your database of customers.

The first step to communicate to your customers is collecting their data. In our case, let’s use
readily available tools to build your database. (Use excel or google sheets, you can download
the sheets app on your phone or use an online free sheet (https://sheets.new)).
In today’s example, we will create a minimalist list.
Step 1: In your sheet create these columns, Name, Phone Number, Last time they
visited, Source of number (where you got the number).
Step 2: Go to your payment messages or statements, especially Mpesa, collect all the
phone numbers and fill out the form we created above.
Step 3: Go through your POS/HRM/Payroll system for SME if you don’t have one or try
Dukakit (which is our most recommended SME management software as it works on any
device). Get the customer data and fill out the sheets (refer to Step 1).

Send Your message.

Compose a message for your customers. If it is your first time communicating with them,
introduce the business. Note that your business name will show up as the sender’s name on the
customers’ phone. Tell your customer something exciting. This will be in line with what
customers want. That is discounts, gifts, exclusivity, flash sale, product launch or even just an
appreciation message.
Be creative with your messaging. If your message appeals to many of your customers, your
message will be featured on our wall of texts (1TO1WITHLOVE WALL). This is a motivational
wall of ideas where others can come and see what a great message looks like.

Once you have your exciting message, log in to your account. If you don’t have one, create one
and our customer representative will contact you and you will get a demo with that call. Also,
check on how to apply for a sender ID if you don’t have one.
After you have logged in, go to messages, add a personalized message or use the exciting
generic message and send it to your lead.
The key to success here is to keep sending your messages frequently or utilize the
1TO1MOBILE scheduling tool to organize your messages.
SMS messages have a high open rate of around 95% as a notification compared to other DM
services. If your message is well captivating you will see an upward trajectory growth of 3.5 – 5%
in your sales within the first month. Consider special occasions as well such as public holidays.
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